Fiberglass and Dual-Laminate Pipe & Fittings

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Garrett Industrial Systems, LLC, offers a full line of RPS CompositesTM Fiberglass and Dual-Laminate lined piping, ductwork, fittings and custom configured products, for a number of applications. RPS Composites’ product lineup includes solutions for acids, chlorides, sulfates, bleach solutions, caustics, chlorines, salt solutions, bases, oxidants, halogens, alcohol, numerous hazardous wastes and slurries, wastewater, potassium hydroxides, and sodium hydroxides.

Products include pressure pipe and fittings from 1” through and including 120” in diameter, with or without seamless liners, FRP ductwork and fittings for fume exhaust systems, baffles, towers, custom configured hoods, tanks, air strippers, and other Fiberglass structures. High pressure, high temperature and full vacuum options are available. Applications including branch connections and instrument connections are also available. Accessories include field-welding kits, gasketing, and bolting components.

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