Custom Equipment, Manifolds & Weldments

AES Gas Panels

Garrett Industrial Systems, through ARC Process, Inc., offers custom welding solutions for high-purity stainless steel applications.

In addition to customer design assistance and complete engineering services, GIS provides total solutions for turn-key systems, equipment, and components, including sanitary liquid and gas blending and dispensing systems, gas and liquid valve manifolds, gas cabinets, gas and liquid panel systems, chemical bubblers and containment vessels, small pressure vessels, valve sticks, liquid-filling equipment, and many other applications.

We feature ASME qualified welders performing precision Orbital, TIG, MIG, lathe and laser welding capabilities (glove box) to manufacture precision tube assemblies, medical implants, control panels, UPW water systems, and a variety of difficult weld assemblies, in state-of-the-art facilities located in Austin, Texas.

Analytical testing, including Helium leak testing, fully developed specifications and documentation packages, FAT and SAT Testing, field installation and service are all part of the products and services offered by Garrett Industrial Systems and ARC Process, Inc.