Acid Fume Exhaust Scrubbers, Fans, and Components


A complete line of Fiberglass and Thermoplastic fume exhaust equipment, including horizontal and vertical scrubbing systems, a variety of fans, ductwork, packing, custom manifolds, and control panels are available from Garrett Industrial Systems, LLC.

Whether for NOX applications, acid fumes, odor control, or solvents, Garrett Industrial Systems provides turnkey solutions including ductwork layouts, manifolds, mixing boxes, air stripper columns, and fans. Also, we provide vertical inline and horizontal configurations, exhaust stacks, custom made control panels, etc. Materials of construction include Fiberglass and Thermoplastics (such as reinforced PVC, CPVC, and Polypropylene), as well as Stainless Steel for solvent applications. For highly corrosive applications, we offer PVDF and Teflon-lined Fiberglass as well as Stainless Steel for ductwork and manifold systems.

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