Sanitary Flexible Hose and Fittings

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Garrett Industrial Systems offers sanitary flexible hose and fittings from Flex-Rite™ and Seal-Rite™ division of ACE Sanitary™.

Sanitary, flexible, hoses are offered for a variety of different applications and for many different indus-tries, including Pharmaceutical-Biotech, Food & Beverage, Semiconductor, Chemical, Industrial and Water-Treatment.

Our standard lines of hoses offer many different solutions for your applications. Flex-Rite Rubber Hose is available in eight (8) different combinations, including applications for discharge, beverage transfer, premium suction & discharge, premium washdown, colored suction & discharge, and comestible transfer, crush resistant and special wine & spirits transfer.

Flex-Rite Fluoropolymer lined hoses include EPDM Rubber-covered smooth bore hose, over-braided
smooth-bore, steel-braided convoluted hose for maximum flexibility, Poly-braided convoluted hose which offers better abrasion resistance, and Silicone covered PTFE smooth bore hose, (also offered in Black, FDA, static conductive tubing).

Garrett Industrial also offers the Flex-Rite P-Series PVC Hose line, which includes clear Non-reinforced tubing, braid-reinforced tubing, wire-reinforced tubing, suction / transfer hose, suction/transport hose, and suction/transfer hose. We also offer a line of industrial hoses for washdown and steam applica-tions.

Specialty tube includes pump tubing, plasticizer-free (no DEHP or other phthalates) dairy tubing, vinyl tubing which is also DEHP free, co-extruded tubing which combines USP Class VI LDPE with a high-purity EVA cover, and non-reinforced tubing, such as platinum-cured pure Silicon for a variety of appli-cations.

All of our Flex-Rite hose and tubing products are compliant with relative standards, such as FDA, USDA, 3-A, USP Class VI and far exceed standard quality expectations. Our packaged products are available in bulk and single-use assemblies, with quick deliveries from stock.

Our hoses all come with FDA compliant Seal-Rite Radial Crimp Fittings, which offer the purest unit-ized assemblies available today. Our external crimp design offers a full 360 Deg. Fixed seal at the coupler stem to hose junction point that eliminates the possibility of product wicking between the hose and coupler. Radial crimp technology will not interfere with the internal surface of the coupling stem, allowing for a full flow smooth bore transition that excludes ledges or crevices that can collect bacteria.
Fittings are available in popular industrial and sanitary end connections.

Garrett Industrial Systems offers a totally reusable, field-attachable Sanitary Fitting for our Silicone and PVC hose products The fittings are lightweight, versatile, and work with most types and wall thickness.
Electropolished to 15 Ra or better, these fittings are available in a variety of styles, colors, step-up sizes and custom size variations. This fitting is Patent Pending and already 3-A Approved.