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Garrett Industrial Systems offers our customers custom designed and engineered control systems and panels, system components such as level and pressure controls, sensors, etc. made to your specifications.  We supply IPEC-designed control panels manufactured to certified standards from the most sophisticated multi-function automated and manual panels to small, independent equipment panels.

Process heaters are offered to precisely control temperatures in media.  These can take the shape of large tank insert heaters, independent stand-alone heaters or electric immersion heaters, inline heaters, heat exchangers and temperature controls.  Heaters offered by Garrett Industrial Systems include fluoropolymer, quartz, solvent, and Nitrogen heaters that are fully SEMI S2/S3 and CE compliant and ETL/UL Certified.

  1. Control Panels
    Garrett Industrial Systems offers custom electrical enclosures for a variety of uses. Efficient design and quality components provide years of worry-free service. Each panel is delivered with a complete electrical documentation package including dimensional diagrams, panel layout diagrams, electrical and pneumatic schematics, and I/O lists. Our capabilities include:

    • UL Labeling
    • CE Design/Certification
    • Termination Panels
    • System Control/PLC Panels
    • Remote/Distributed I/O Panels
    • Pneumatic Supply/Distribution Panels
    • High Voltage Power Distribution Panels
    • Motor Control Centers

    IPEC panels are built to suit with materials of construction, NEMA/IP ratings, and components for hazardous environment ratings as needed to meet the requirements for your process and facility. Each panel assembly is fully tested prior to shipment for quick installation and commissioning.

  2. Level Controls & Measurement

    Level Controls  under process controls or tank accessoriesThe primary purpose of a Liquid Level Gage is to provide visual or numeric verification of liquid levels within a vessel or tank. This is accomplished in many ways, by various means. Garrett Industrial Systems, offers a wide variety of level gages, fluid sensors, and controllers designed to give very accurate readings of liquid levels and flow. The equipment we offer is engineered to exact dimensions and specifications, providing unobstructed visibility, reliability, and accuracy with each product.

    All sight level gages are available with end or side-mounted gauge connections, in sizes 1” – 12”, threaded or flanged, with or without check or isolation valves. Materials of construction can be carbon steel, 300 series stainless steel, CPVC, PVDF, or fiberglass to meet the demands of most sanitary, corrosive, or high purity applications. Special alloys are available for custom applications. We also offer special liners such as PFA Teflon sight tube liners and borosilicate sight tubes to meet the demands of highly corrosive environments, higher pressures and elevated temperatures.
    From compact controls to resistive output level sensors, fail-safe digital transmitters and other electronic equipment, Garrett Industrial Systems products provide fast and accurate indication and control, and provide years of trouble-free operation.
    In addition to Liquid Level Gages, we provide lantern-style and armored sight-flow indicators and gages, coax tube level gages, sight glasses of all types, specific gravity analyzers, digital electronic level transmitters, chart recorders, and magnetic level gages for a variety of intended uses.
    Our products are manufactured to very high-quality specifications and tolerances and each product has an infinite variety of accessories that will accommodate most applications. Our products are used in chemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical-biotech, sanitary, industrial, and municipal applications throughout the world. When applications of extreme pressure, temperature, vibration, or highly-corrosive or hazardous materials are specified, systems and components offered by Garrett Industrial Systems will perform.

  3. Sight Flow Indication

    sight glassesGarrett Industrial Systems supplies Sight Glasses, Flow Indicators,special Sanitary Clamps, and Lighting only from L.J. Starr Company.
    A flow indicator designed to be mounted in-line for high purity applications to provide operators with a clear view of flow of virtually any process pipeline fluid or powder. The sterile-designed flow indicator features an internal-flush style that meets FDA specifications, based on a unique O-ring seal design that minimizes traps where bacteria can buildup. Polished stainless steel connections include sanitary clamp as standard, with butt weld and flange as special order items. Other premium standard features include the use of borosilicate glass, a product contact surface of 220 Grit Electropolish and an armored housing to help protect the glass from external objects and pipe stress.

    Providing high-strength, quality industrial sight glass products is the heart of L.J. Star’s business. We supply a variety of sight windows and ports with borosilicate or soda lime glass. Our product line includes Metaglas® fused sight glass, the #1 selling fused sight glass, proven in thousands of installations around the world. The products provide visual inspection of industrial and pharmaceutical processes, and are often used in conjunction with lights that illuminate tank and pipe interiors.
    Glass is often the weakest link in any process, but because the observation of interiors of vessels and pipelines is necessary, the glass simply cannot be eliminated. Sight glasses are highly engineered products. Although brands look alike, differences in their specs have tremendous importance for worker safety, sanitary processes, and maintenance costs.
    Metaglas®, the ultimate in sight window safety, is made by fusing pure borosilicate glass within stainless steel rings. The result is a sight glass that has been described as having the transparency of glass with the strength of steel. Proven in thousands of installations, Metaglas is the #1 selling sight glasses.
    Whether specifying sight flow indication products for an individual piece of equipment or a complete system, give Garrett Industrial Systems a call to help you select the right L.J. Starr product for your application.

  4. Process Heating Equipment
    Garrett Industrial Systems offers Process Technology’s high-purity products for wet process manufacturing applications. These include fluoropolymer and quartz UPDI water heaters, inline chemical heaters, solvent heaters, nitrogen heaters, electric immersion heaters, inline heat exchangers, and high temperature filter chambers. Industries served include Semiconductor, FPD, MEMS, Nanotechnology, Photovoltaic (solar cell), LCD, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical. These products are assembled in a Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom to exacting standards.
    Process Technology has a worldwide install base as well as an extensive distributor and service network for product support. In addition to our standard products, many custom products engineered specifically for your application are available.


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