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Sanitary Tube FIttings

  1. Sanitary & UHP Tube & Fittings

    Garrett Industrial Systems has long been a leading supplier in the U.S. for Sanitary and UHP tube and fittings for critical process.  We offer a variety of materials including 304, 316 and 316L Stainless Steel, as well as specialized alloys such as AL6XN, Hastelloy, Monel, Carpenter 20, Alloy 20, etc.

    Our sanitary lines include BPETM certified fittings, with clamp and butt-weld end connections.
    All BPE fittings are manufactured  from 316L stainless steel that meets the most current BPE standards. Certified fittings are stocked in sizes 1/2” through 4” and  6” fittings are also available. BPE fittings meet or exceed the BPE standard for tolerances, surface finishes, and metallurgy.  Rigid internal quality control methodology and programs facilitate 100% BPE-compliant fittings, with full material traceability.

    In addition to BPE fittings for pharmaceutical-biotech applications, Garrett Industrial features a complete lines of welded tube and fittings with tube-stub end connections, in sizes ¼” – 6”.  For sanitary applications we provide several different end connection types, including Tri-ClampTM, Mini Tri-ClampTM, Swivel, NPT threaded, ANSI flanges, Beverage connections, and Male/Female Cam & Groove connectors.

    Full-length 20’ tubing is stocked in 316L Stainless,  in both welded and seamless styles, with specialty alloys available upon request. Tubing is manufactured to ASTM A249, A269 and A270 standards, dependent on requirement.  Mechanical polishing is offered in 15-25 Ra ID finishes and 10-20 Ra ID Electropolished finishes.  We also offer OD finishes in Mill, Satin, Mechanically polished and Electropolished, as required. Several styles of tube hangers are available with polypropylene inserts or with EPDM grommets to complement tubing installation.

    Custom fabrications are available and include special fittings, tube assemblies, Dip-tubes, manifolds, medical devices, and machined specialties. These custom solutions provide our customers with an unlimited variety of non-standard weldments to provide solutions for unique requirements. Custom design and engineering, fine craftsmanship, superior quality and quick turnaround are all benefits offered by Garrett Industrial Systems, LLC. 

  2. Sanitary Stainless Steel Valves
    TOP-FLO® Hygienic-weir Diaphragm Valves are the preferred valve for pharmaceutical-biotech, personal care and sanitary applications, because of their unique, fully drainable, and cleanable designs. Garrett Industrial Systems offer a large selection of forged, wrought bar, and
    cast-type 316L stainless steel bodies, which are complimented by a full range of FDA, and USP Class-VI conforming diaphragms. Body styles include standard 2-way, Divert, Access, L-pattern, Point of Use, T-Pattern, and specialty machined Mono-block diaphragm bodies. The Divert valve body is designed for the specific purpose of preventing media contamination in ultra- pure applications through stagnant fluid reduction.
    Optional operators include autoclavable stainless steel bonnets and thermoplastic pneumatic actuators.
    In addition to diaphragm valves, Garrett Industrial Systems offers Top LineTM low profile sampling valves, which provide minimum dead-leg areas and positive shut-off for sensitive fluids. Sampling valves are available with butt-weld or sanitary clamp end connections, terminating with a hose barb discharge as standard. Standard connection sizes are ½” – 4” clamp end.
    TOP-FLO® Series 77 High Purity Ball Valves feature a high quality 316L investment casting. Valve features include standard sanitary clamp connectors or orbital tube OD ends meeting with BPETM standards for sulphur content, dimensions and finishes and include cavity-filled or non-cavity seat material options. All valves feature fully traceable wetted parts and are provided standard with MTR’s and other documentation. A 15Ra internal finish is standard, with electropolished finishes available to 10Ra. A full range of sizes, end connections and finishes are available from stock.
    Garrett Industrial offers finely crafted 316L stainless steel check valves which feature maximum hygienic quality with the use of Class VI elastomers. This valve features a unique clamp design…with a simple twist of the wing nut, quick disassembly is permitted without tools. The stainless steel spring in this design assures both positive closure and smooth operation. This valve is designed for vertical as well as horizontal applications.
  3. Hygenic Clamps & Tube Hangers
    Garrett Industrial Systems has been supplying high quality Top Line stainless steel products to the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical-biotech, personal care and other process industries for many years. Our joint commitment to high quality manufacturing, responsible service and realistic pricing has enabled us to become a leading supplier of sanitary tube, fittings, valves and components in the U.S.

    Top Line Hygenic Clamps are offered for a variety of sanitary applications and industries in normal and heavy duty variations. All meet specified finish and tolerances.
    Medium Duty Clamp Fittings Specifications include Size Range: 1″ OD – 4″ OD
    Materials: 304 (Stock No. Prefix 32) 316L Finish: No. 7 – ID and OD (standard), No. 5 – OD only (special), No. 3 – ID only (special), No. 1 – unpolished (special)
    Polish specifications: 3A fittings meet or exceed 180 grit ID (32 Ra) and 150 grit OD.

    Ordering Specifications Specify: Quantity, Size, Product Description, Stock Number, Material Type, and polish requirements.
    Heavy Duty Products offered include:

    13MHHM-HEAVY DUTY CLAMP in Size Range: 1-1 1/2” to 12” Tube O.D.Size
    13LAH-HEAVY DUTY CLAMP in Size Range: 1/2” to 8” Tube O.D. Size


    40MP-U Buna – 40MPFU Buna – A 40MP-GR PTFE
    40MP-UW Buna White – 40MPF-X Silicone – 40MP-X Silicone – 40MPF-E EPDM

    Also Available:

    40MP-E EPDM – 40MPF-SFY FKM Bevel Seat
    40MP-G PTFE John Perry
    40MP-SFY FKM

    CLAMP GASKETS (1” O.D. TO 8” O.D.)(3A)

    13MHP-HIGH PRESSURE CLAMP Size Range: 1/2” to 6” Tube O.D.
    13MHHS-HEAVY 3-SEGMENT CLAMPS Size Range: 1-1 1/2” to 4” Tube O.D.

    Garrett Industrial also offers a wide selection of hygienic tube supports and industrial tube hangers for a variety of different applications. Our hygienic and sanitary tube supports are designed to meet the demands of different service applications requiring full drainability.

    Hangers support rods, telescopic stands and stanchions, plate mounts, rod and UnistrutTM mounts, adapters, transfer plates, thermal expansion guides, and tools are available from inventory. Please call us at Garrett Industrial Systems and let us help you with your selections of clamps and tube supports.

  4. Compression Fittings
    Stainless Steel Compression Tube Fittings offered by Garrett Industrial Systems are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for a wide range of applications in chemical, petro-chemical, power generation, ship-building, pulp and paper, food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and many high-purity industries.
    Compression Tube Fittings feature a one or two-ferrule design that compensates for tolerances in tube O.D., and range in tube size from 1/16″ to 2″ (2mm to 38mm). Garrett Industrial offers Compression Tube Fittings in 316 Stainless Steel, Brass, and Monel® as well as imperial and metric sizes.


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