Pressure Gauges / Temperature Indicators

Pressure Gauges
Temperature Sensors
Garrett Industrial Systems provides a wide variety of digital and analog pressure gauges, temperature sensors and thermometers, diaphragm seals, low differential pressure transducers, level sensors, pressure transmitters, and accessories for semiconductor, pharmaceutical-biotech, food & beverage, personal care, chemical, and manufacturing applications.

All brands offered are manufactured in ISO-9001 facilities and are stocked for immediate shipment. Gauges are offered in both “dry” and “liquid-“ configurations for different applications, reducing vibration, providing more accurate reading, wider temperature ranges vs. glycerin filled, eliminating costly specialty fluids, etc.

From sanitary electropolished stainless steel gauges, FRP case industrial gauges, polycarbonate/ABS, and black painted aluminum, all materials are available in configurations including analog and digital.


Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors.

Garrett Industrial Systems, LLC, offers a full line of level sensors using Ultrasonic Technology for a number of liquid sensing applications. Ultrasonic sensors have no moving parts and are not dependent on color, viscosity, density or dielectric constant of liquid. Each sensor line can be customized to the exact needs of the application. Depending on the type of application, there are options for multiple point liquid detection and temperature display as well as sensors sustaining temperatures from -20F to 400F. Ultrasonic technology is proven to be superior for liquid level sensing.

Ultrasonic sensors are used in applications like: high level overflow alarm, condensate pots, sump water, oil, or sludge detection, lubricant circulation equipment, fill machine level control, pump leak detection, air-in-line air bubble detectors, multiple point detection and many more. The industries Ultrasonic sensors serve are: semiconductor, upstream oil & gas, midstream oil & gas, military: subsea – surface, petrochemical, chemical, water, waste-water, maritime shipping, inland barge: ERC- cargo, pulp, paper, food and beverage, and medical.