Level Controls and Indication

The primary purpose of a Liquid Level Gage is to provide visual or numeric verification of liquid levels within a vessel or tank. This is accomplished in many ways, by various means. Garrett Industrial Systems, LLC. offers a wide variety of level gages, fluid sensors, and controllers designed to give very accurate readings of liquid levels and flow. The equipment we offer is engineered to exact dimensions and specifications, providing unobstructed visibility, reliability, and accuracy with each product.


All sight level gages are available with end or side-mounted gage connections, in sizes 1” – 12”, threaded or flanged, with or without check or isolation valves. Materials of construction can be carbon steel, 300 series stainless steel, CPVC, or fiberglass to meet the demands of most sanitary, corrosive, or high purity applications. Special alloys are available for custom applications. We also offer special liners such as PFA Teflon sight tube liners and borosilicate sight tubes to meet the demands of highly corrosive environments, higher pressures and elevated temperatures.

From compact controls to resistive output level sensors, fail-safe digital transmitters and other electronic equipment, Garrett Industrial Systems products provide fast and accurate indication and controls, and provide years of trouble-free operation.

In addition to Liquid Level Gages, we provide lantern-style and armored sight-flow indicators and gages, coax tube level gages, sight glasses of all types, specific gravity analyzers, digital electronic level transmitters, chart recorders, and magnetic level gages for a variety of intended uses.

Our products are manufactured to very high-quality specifications and tolerances and each product has an infinite variety of accessories that will accommodate most applications. Our products are used in chemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical-biotech, sanitary, industrial, and municipal applications throughout the world. When applications of extreme pressure, temperature, vibration, or highly-corrosive or hazardous materials are specified, systems offered by Garrett Industrial Systems will perform