BioFuel Skid Systems



As the demand for alternative energy continues to grow, so does the need for biofuel research and production infrastructure.  IPEC, represented in the southern US by Garrett Industrial Systems, is an industry leader in process engineering and design services, project management, fabrication, and installation of custom modular process systems for an expansive range of applications required for the development and production of cellulosic ethanol and biofuel.

IPEC is recognized as a company that provides turnkey solutions to customers because of their ability to deliver complete services and high quality systems from the conceptual stage through start-up and commissioning. Our combined knowledge and experience with biofuels allows us to meet industry specific requirements and aggressive production schedules without delays or incurring unnecessary capital cost. The systems and components described below comprise our core offerings for the biofuel market, although our capabilities extend beyond what is shown.

    Fermentation systems provide critical functions in the production of cellulosic ethanol. Custom process development based on your specific feedstock and method of hydrolysis is available through our engineering services. Careful system engineering and design work follows to maximize yield with options to integrate biomass pre-treatment, seed fermentation, and automated cleaning sub-systems.
    defined temperature and duration prior to cool down, in order to ensure complete inactivation of microorganisms contained within solution. Also known as continuous flow thermal processing, HTST offers several advantages over Bulk Pasteurization, including lower utility costs and higher continuous throughput. Use of regenerative heating and cooling can further increase operational efficiency

    Membrane filtration may be used for separation, purification, or sterilization of biofuel process streams. IPEC custom modular filtration systems employ tangential flow filtration (TFF), microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), diafiltration (DF), nanofiltration (NF) and other techniques with designs that maximize yield and minimize hold up volume.

    Our modular distillation columns refine and separate purified product and aqueous co-product streams during biofuel production. All components, controls, wiring, stairs, lighting and platforms can be installed prior to shipment with minimal reassembly required for installation and start-up.

    IPEC provides equipment to assist in the development of enzymes and other products for use in Biofuel processes including Fermenters and Bioreactors. Our lab can be easily scaled up for and pilot systems production and we offer integrated design solutions to help maximize productivity with efficient use of space and materials.


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