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Garrett Industrial Systems equipment and components, coupled with IPEC utility systems designs, work dependably behind the scenes to support a wide range of operations at our customers’ facilities. We work closely with the end user to design systems, specify materials, and configure components that most effectively deliver results without unnecessary capital or operational costs. Our engineers focus on maximizing efficiency given the required duty and specific site conditions.
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    Cleaning systems are a vital part of process development and operations. We offer designs and fabrication of custom modular CIP (clean-in-place) and WIP (wash-in-place) systems by IPEC, for use in all industries. IPEC CIP and WIP skids are designed and optimized for each customer’s unique requirements.

    Available in no-tank (once-through), single tank, or multiple tank arrangements, with temperature control and detergent injection capabilities, our cleaning systems are built for efficient use of water, chemicals, and energy with dependable results and reduced production downtime.

    IPEC heat transfer systems are supplied by Garrett Industrial Systems and are designed and manufactured specifically for a particular service, available utilities, and material specifications. Our systems are engineered for maximum efficiency, available for light duty through cryogenic service, and can include registered body approvals such as UL, CE, and FM per your facility requirements.
    IPEC designs and fabricates mix-proof valve skids used to route product and cleaning solutions throughout facility process piping. Mix-proof valve technology allows for routing of different media (product, cleaning, etc.) through a common piping system without concern of mixing, should an individual seal fail within a particular valve. IPEC valve arrays maximize efficiency and reliability by reducing both downtime and potential for human error associated with manual swing connections and transfer panels.

    IPEC manifolds are available from Garrett Industrial Systems, in configurations to suit your specific industry or process. These systems are also available fully automated or with electrical and pneumatic components to integrate with existing facility controls.



    IPEC Purified Water Generation Systems are designed to meet and exceed industry standards for USP-grade water. Our automated systems are available with a range of output capacities. Standard or custom systems can be fabricated quickly to help meet aggressive project schedules.

    The use of reverse osmosis and continuous electrodeionization provides our customers with dependable and low maintenance solutions for water purification. System design and pretreatment components are selected and configured based upon the specific quality of the feedwater.

    Modular designs, with optional add-ons are pre-engineered to minimize the package footprint, utility requirements, and installation efforts. Pre-validation via Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) further minimizes the time required for commissioning at the customer’s facility.

    IPEC Purified Water Generation Systems include the following standard features:
    • Feedwater Pre-Filtration
    • Water Softenening
    • Carbon Filtration
    • 5 µm Filtration
    • Stainless Steel Feedwater Break Tank
    • Reverse Osmosis (RO)
    • Continuous Electrodeionization
    • Industrial PLC w/ Touch-Screen Interface
    • FRP Softener, Filter, & RO housings
    • Sanitary Stainless Steel Tubing (Post RO)
    • Stainless Steel Framing & Enclosures
    • SIngle-Point Utility Connections
    • Chemical Sanitization
    • Complete Documentation Package
    Certain pharmaceutical products respond poorly to high temperature short time (HTST) sterilization. In these cases, bulk pasteurization can be the best solution for inactivation of microorganisms contained within solution. IPEC Bulk Pasteurization Systems (BP) offered by Garrett Industrial, provide accurate control of product temperature, exceptionally even heat distribution, and precise heat up/cool down rates required to pasteurize even the most sensitive products. Our custom BP systems are designed to meet or exceed your exact processing requirements and can be supplied with dedicated heat transfer or final filtration modules for a complete sterilization suite.
    Chromatography Systems offered by Garrett Industrial Systems enable our
    IPEC custom transfer panels are offered by Garrett Industrial Systems tailored to your exact process and facility requirements to route and provide a physical break between CIP and process fluids as required by 3A processing regulations and cGMP’s.

    Regardless of the industry or application, we can assist with the specification and fabrication of simple flow plates or complex transfer and utility panels with integrated valves and instrumentation. Our panels are available in many design, material, and surface finish configurations to meet the specific specification.

    IPEC sanitary transfer panels can be supplied with any or all of the following optional features:

    • Inductive Proximity Switches
    • Bleed Valves (caps, ports, swings)
    • Drain Pans
    • Jumper Holder (shown at right)
    • Accessory Tray/Baskets
    • Laser Etched Identification/Tags (Ports/Swings)
    • Comprehensive Documentation Package


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